Kitten Simulator


Watch, play and care for your virtual kittens! These kittens are smart and powered by an advanced kitten intelligence engine.

Kitten Simulator internally tracks your kitten vitals, needs and wants:

Energy: Your kitten needs to sleep when he/she runs low or out of energy.

Hygiene: This is how clean the kitten feels. Kittens like to wash themselves if they are not clean.

Hunger: Kittens need food.

Bladder:  When bladder fills kitten needs to use the litter box.

Love: Your kitten feels loved when its owner cares for him or her.

Habitat: Your kitten's feelings about the room they are in. Kittens want you to keep their room and box clean.

Mood: The summation of kitten vitals and feelings determines your kitten's mood.

Your kitten will expect you to care for him or her by refilling the food bowl and scooping the litter box. Your kitten will communicate with you through his or her behavior. Often your kitten will show you his or her thoughts. Of course your kitten loves your attention and affection.

You start with 3 available kittens. Each achievement unlocks a new kitten. Discover all 12 achievements and unlock all the extra kittens! 15 kittens available in all!

You may interact with your kitten using the buttons shown below as well as petting him or her. You may also sit back and let your kitten entertain you.


Now Available for iPhone & iPod Touch!

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